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Singapore Convocation

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The NYU@NUS program held its 2010 convocation on February 22 at the Asian Civilisations Museum in Singapore. Walter Woon Cheong Ming, then–attorney general and former solicitor general of Singapore, was the guest of honor.

Speaking on behalf of the 2010 class, which included 30 students from 19 countries, were Andrew Rudisill Vinton of the U.S. and Tiwari Soni Amarnath Pushpa of India. Both students reminisced about the unique experience of this dual-degree, one-year program. “[Singapore] is a place where many roads meet and then again diverge. Likewise, our paths have converged,” said Vinton. “We have come from different countries, backgrounds, and experiences, met here for a common purpose, and will again go our separate ways.”

The program awards an LL.M. in Law and the Global Economy from NYU Law and an LL.M. from the National University of Singapore, and has now graduated more than 100 students in its three-year history. Professor Tan Eng Chye, deputy president and provost of NUS, highlighted the international links that have been forged by both the universities and the students. “You are now uniquely equipped to work and research anywhere in the world, with the reputation of both NYU and NUS behind you,” said Chye. “You are also part of a transformation in the way in which we think about law and the possibilities for collaboration across countries. As a matter of fact, you will be the transformation.”

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