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From left: Daryl Kleiman ’15, Diane Abrams, Melissa Quartner ’15, Robert Abrams ’63

In 1969, Diane Abrams taught the very first Women and the Law course at NYU Law. It may have been the first course of its kind at any law school in the nation. She returned 45 years later to lead a discussion at Law Women’s 2014 Summit, “Transforming the Academy: Developing Early Strategies for Women’s Success in the Law.” In her luncheon speech, Abrams celebrated progress by remembering incidents from the 1970s that would seem surprising today, such as judges saying “gentlemen” when calling a group of mixed-gender counsel to the bench. But she also acknowledged there was more progress to be made, noting the summit included an interactive session with Rachel Godsil of Seton Hall University School of Law on how to recognize and overcome implicit bias and stereo­type threat.

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