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Student Spotlight

Heather Childs

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Students will often credit professors with inspiring in them a whole new view of their future. For Heather Childs, lightning struck after taking Professor Noah Feldman’s The Administrative and Regulatory State course and attending a conference on global administrative law organized by Professors Richard Stewart and Benedict Kingsbury.

“Everyone sees administrative law as boring, but it’s something I find fascinating as a conceptual matter,” says Childs. “It’s what tied law school together for me and is something I never would have expected.”

Unexpected to others, as well, is Childs’s other passion: dance. Through a nonprofit group called House of the Roses, she puts her lifetime of dancing to use teaching New York City homeless children her craft.

After graduating, Childs will clerk for Judge Emilio Garza of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in San Antonio, in her home state of Texas. A note she wrote on American, European and global administrative law will also be published in the Journal of International Law and Politics. Childs is considering a Ph.D. in history, with a concentration on American administrative law and due process, leading to a possible career in academia.

Soon enough it may be Childs’s turn to inspire future law students.