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View a comprehensive list of faculty scholarship (PDF) published between January 2013 and June 2014.


Anthony G. Amsterdam, Martin Guggenheim & Randy Hertz, Trial Manual for Defense Attorneys in Juvenile Delinquency Cases (ABA rev. ed. 2013).

Kwame Anthony Appiah, Lines of Descent: W. E. B. Du Bois and the Emergence of Identity (Harvard Univ. Press 2014).

Research Handbook on the Economics of Torts (Jennifer Arlen ed., Edward Elgar Publ’g 2013).

Vicki L. Been, Roderick M. Hills, Robert C. Ellickson & Christopher Serkin, Land Use Controls: Cases and Materials (Wolters Kluwer 4th ed. 2013).

Oscar G. Chase & Robert A. Barker, Civil Litigation in New York (LexisNexis 6th ed. 2013).

Jerome A. Cohen & Margaret K. Lewis, Challenge to China: How Taiwan Abolished Its Version of Re-education Through Labor (U.S.-Asia Law Institute, N.Y.U. School of Law, Berkshire Publ’g 2013).

Critical Legal Perspectives on Global Governance: Liber Amicorum David M. Trubek (Gráinne de Búrca et al. eds., Hart Publ’g 2013).

Norman Dorsen & Catharine DeJulio, The Embattled Constitution (N.Y.U. Press 2013).

Balancing Wealth and Health: The Battle over Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines in Latin America (Rochelle C. Dreyfuss & César Rodríguez-Garavito eds., Oxford Univ. Press 2014).

Intellectual Property at the Edge: The Contested Contours of IP (Rochelle C. Dreyfuss & Jane C. Ginsburg eds., Cambridge Univ. Press 2014).

Ronald Dworkin, Religion Without God (Harvard Univ. Press 2013).

Harry T. Edwards et al., Federal Standards of Review: Review of District Court Decisions and Agency Actions (Thomson West 2d ed. 2013).

Richard A. Epstein, The Classical Liberal Constitution: The Uncertain Quest for Limited Government (Harvard Univ. Press 2013).

The Challenge for Collective Bargaining: Proceedings of the New York University 65th Annual Conference on Labor (Michael Z. Green ed., Samuel Estreicher series ed., LexisNexis 2013).

Forum Shopping in the International Commercial Arbitration Context (Franco Ferrari ed., Sellier European Law Publishers 2013).

Franco Ferrari & Marco Torsello, International Sales Law—CISG in a Nutshell (West 2014).

Harry First, John Flynn & Darren Bush, Free Enterprise and Economic Organization: Antitrust (Foundation Press 7th ed. 2014).

The Design of Competition Law Institutions: Global Norms, Local Choices (Eleanor M. Fox & Michael J. Trebilcock eds., Oxford Univ. Press 2013).

Clayton P. Gillette, Robert S. Amdursky & G. Allen Bass, Municipal Debt Flaw: Theory and Practice (Wolters Kluwer 2d ed. 2013).

Clayton P. Gillette & Steven D. Walt, The UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods: Practice and Theory (LexisNexis 2013).

Ryan Goodman & Derek Jinks, Socializing States: Promoting Human Rights Through International Law (Oxford Univ. Press 2013).

Moshe Halbertal, Maimonides: Life and Thought (Princeton Univ. Press 2013).

Helen Hershkoff, Arthur R. Miller, John E. Sexton & Jack H. Friedenthal, Civil Procedure: Cases and Materials (West 11th ed. 2013).

Helen Hershkoff & Arthur R. Miller et al., 11A Federal Practice and Procedure (West 3d ed. 2013).

Helen Hershkoff & Arthur R. Miller et al., 14A, 14D, 15 Federal Practice and Procedure (West 4th ed. 2013).

Corine Pelluchon, Leo Strauss and the Crisis of Rationalism: Another Reason, Another Enlightenment (Robert Howse trans., SUNY Press 2014).

Robert Howse, Michael Trebilcock & Antonia Eliason, The Regulation of International Trade (Routledge 4th ed. 2013).

Making Legal History: Essays in Honor of William E. Nelson (Daniel J. Hulsebosch & R.B. Bernstein eds., N.Y.U. Press 2013).

Geoffrey P. Miller & Fabrizio Cafaggi, The Governance and Regulation of International Finance (Edward Elgar Publ’g 2013).

Geoffrey P. Miller, Richard Scott Carnell & Jonathan R. Macey, The Law of Financial Institutions (Wolters Kluwer 5th ed. 2013).

Geoffrey P. Miller, The Law of Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (Wolters Kluwer 2014).

The Health Care Case: The Supreme Court’s Decision and Its Implications (Nathaniel Persily, Gillian E. Metzger & Trevor W. Morrison eds., Oxford Univ. Press 2013).

Liam B. Murphy, What Makes Law: An Introduction to the Philosopy of Law (Cambridge Univ. Press 2014).

William E. Nelson, The Common Law in Colonial America, Volume II: The Middle Colonies and the Carolinas, 1660–1730 (Oxford Univ. Press 2013).

The Globalization of Cost­-Benefit Analysis in Environmental Policy (Richard L. Revesz & Michael A. Livermore eds., Oxford Univ. Press 2013).

David A.J. Richards, Resisting Injustice and the Feminist Ethics of Care in the Age of Obama: “Suddenly, . . . All the Truth Was Coming Out” (Routledge 2013).

David A.J. Richards, The Rise of Gay Rights and the Fall of the British Empire: Liberal Resistance and the Bloomsbury Group (Cambridge Univ. Press 2013).

Daniel L. Rubinfeld & Robert S. Pindyck, Microeconomics (Pearson 8th ed. 2013).

Gender, National Security, and Counter-Terrorism: Human Rights Perspectives (Margaret L. Satterthwaite & Jayne C. Huckerby eds., Routledge 2013).

Samuel Scheffler, Death and the Afterlife (Niko Kolodny ed., Oxford Univ. Press 2013).

Deborah H. Schenk & Michael J. Graetz, Federal Income Taxation: Principles and Policies (Foundation Press 7th ed. 2013).

Deborah H. Schenk & Shari H. Motro, The Income Tax Map: A Bird’s-Eye View of Federal Income Taxation for Law Students (West 12th ed. 2013).

John E. Sexton, Thomas Oliphant & Peter W. Schwartz, Baseball as a Road to God: Seeing Beyond the Game (Gotham Books 2013).

Daniel N. Shaviro, Fixing U.S. International Taxation (Oxford Univ. Press 2014).

Linda J. Silberman, Allan R. Stein & Tobias Barrington Wolff, Civil Procedure: Theory and Practice (Wolters Kluwer 4th ed. 2013).

Alan O. Sykes, John H. Jackson & William J. Davey, Legal Problems of International Economic Relations: Cases, Materials and Text (West 6th ed. 2013).

Alan O. Sykes & Eric A. Posner, Economic Foundations of International Law (Harvard Univ. Press 2013).

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