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Cassese Named a Judge, Noble Reelected

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Sabino Cassese and Ronald Noble, both law professors from the NYU community, recently won major appointments in organizations abroad.

Sabino CasseseCassese, a Global Visiting Professor of Law, joined the Constitutional Court of Italy on November 9, 2005, five days after his appointment by then-President Carlo Ciampi. A professor of administrative law at the University of Rome-La Sapienza and the former director of its Institute of Public Law, Cassese also served as Italy’s minister for public administration. He is a prolific scholar, specializing in administrative law history, the European Union’s administrative structure and the role of independent administrative authorities.

Ronald NobleLast September, Ronald Noble, an NYU School of Law professor on leave, was appointed to a second five-year term as Interpol’s secretary general. The vote, by the Interpol General Assembly, was unanimous. “I know Ronald Noble to be a tireless worker, a leader and a visionary who is deeply committed to the goals of Interpol,” said Jackie Selebi, the organization’s president. Noble has served as both assistant secretary and undersecretary for enforcement for the U.S. Treasury, deputy assistant attorney general for the Department of Justice and president of Interpol’s Financial Action Task Force.