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Ambassadors to the World

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The most powerful judicial figure in the country gave the fifth class of the NYU School of Law and National University of Singapore Dual Degree Program a grand send-off during its February 27 convocation at the Asian Civilisations Museum. Chief Justice Chan Sek Keong of the Supreme Court of Singapore addressed the 44 graduands, who hail from two dozen nations, and their families. Gloria Matovu (LL.M. ’12) of Uganda and Steven Dejong (LL.M. ’12) of Australia spoke on behalf of their fellow classmates.

The chief justice invoked the value of interacting with students from a multiplicity of countries. “You must be aware that there are still great differences in societies in the East and the West, how they are politically organized, how their peoples behave, what their cultural values are, what their religious beliefs are,” said Chan. “Some of these differences may not be bridgeable, however hard those who want to convert the world to their own values may try. My hope is that [you] will bring that experience to bear when you are in a position to become ambassadors of your home countries in dealing with the rest of the world.”

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