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ElBaradei for President?

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Mohamed ElbaradeiSince returning to his homeland in 2009 after a 30-year absence, Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohamed ElBaradei has attracted crowds of admirers urging him to run for office. ElBaradei (LL.M. ’71, J.S.D. ’74, LL.D. ’04), who as director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency challenged the United States’ claim that Iraq had an active nuclear weapons program in 2003, has begun a campaign for political change in Egypt but has not declared candidacy for 2011. In April he told CNN, “My primary goal is to see my country, Egypt, where I grew up, making a genuine shift toward democracy.” Hosni Mubarak, president for 29 years, won reelection amid charges of fraud in 2005, the only time he has been contested.

“What Price, Peace?” The Law School magazine’s 2006 profile of Mohamed Elbaradei.

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