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Striking Samurai

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Samurai WarriorUniversity Professor Arthur Miller’s long love affair with the 19th-century woodblock prints of Utagawa Kuniyoshi has led to his acquiring nearly 2,000 vibrant, dramatic, and beautifully colored depictions of battles, theatrical performances, landscapes, and elegant women. This spring, more than 130 of Miller’s prints were on display at the Japan Society Galleries in New York City. The show, Graphic Heroes, Magic Monsters: Japanese Prints by Utagawa Kuniyoshi from the Arthur R. Miller Collection, premiered in 2009 at London’s Royal Academy of Arts, where it was a smash hit. The New York Times reviewer concurred: “For sheer visual pleasure, this is an eminently gratifying show.” In the catalog’s foreword, Miller credits his NYU School of Law colleague Linda Silberman for introducing him to the art form 30 years ago.

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