PRG News Roundup Feb. 12, 2021

Clubhouse, the audio-based social networking app, has faced a host of privacy issues. Clubhouse is facing regulatory/legal issues in Germany, apparently linked to its collection of contact information and its GDPR compliance. Part of the issue seems to be linked to its creation of shadow profiles for people for who have not joined the app but whose personal information was contained in the contacts uploaded by others.

Clubhouse also briefly went unblocked by the Chinese firewall, facilitating some open dialog before it was eventually shut down by censors.

An in-depth Kate Klonick New Yorker article describes the efforts to form Facebook’s new “Supreme Court,” which will ultimately have responsibility for the company’s content moderation decisions.

A recent Wired article discussed a study where researchers trained an algorithm to read x-rays and correlated it with patient reports of pain from injuries/illnesses. It outperformed radiologists in predicting the level of pain patients actually reported, particularly with Black patients.

Microsoft endorsed an Australian proposal to require gatekeepers like Facebook and Google (along with its own Bing search engine) to share revenues with local news organizations, not long after Google and Facebook threatened to scale back their services in the country if the proposal were to take effect.

(compiled by student fellow Andrew Mather)