PRG News Roundup Jan 29, 2021

Global Privacy Control is a global internet browser opt out that sends a general signal for users wanting as little data collection and sharing as possible. The GPC standard will let users signal that they don’t want services to share their data with third-party data brokers, and will give users a way to protect their data after it’s been collected and ensure personal information doesn’t travel too far.

Planned legislation to establish new business areas in Nevada would allow technology companies to effectively form separate local governments.

The Cyberlaw Clinic filed an amicus brief last week in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, on behalf of Upturn, Inc., a nonprofit organization that advocates for equity and justice in the design, governance, and use of technology. The brief supports the defendant-movant, Corey Pickett, in an appeal seeking source code access to TrueAllele, a DNA analysis software developed by Cybergenetics.

Klobuchar on Thursday introduced the Competition and Antitrust Law Enforcement Reform Act, which would make it harder for big companies to get mergers approved and would give enforcers like the Federal Trade Commission and Justice Department sharper teeth.

Facial recognition technology amplifies racist policing, threatens the right to protest and should be banned globally, Amnesty International said as it urged New York City to pass a ban on its use in mass surveillance by law enforcement., unveiled in January, lets you know whether photos you’ve posted to image-sharing site Flickr have been used to advance this controversial application of artificial intelligence by allowing you to search more than 3.6 million photos in six facial-recognition image datasets.

(compiled by student fellow Jacob Golan)