PRG News Roundup, Feb. 15, 2021

The International Network of Civil Liberties Organisations released a report on facial recognition technologies across the world. It uses stories from 13 member organizations to highlight discrimination and the impact on rights.

The UK Supreme Court ruled that Uber drivers must be treated as workers. Uber had argued that they were self-employed contractors instead.

Under legislation proposed by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, tech giants would need to pay for news content on their sites.

China is developing its Digital Currency/Electronic Payment system through the People’s Bank of China. It is the digital version of the yuan.

The Swedish Police Authority has used Clearview AI facial recognition to identify individuals, and the way it processed personal data violated the Swedish Criminal Data Act. After an investigation by the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection, the Police Authority was fined SEK 2,500,000, which is about 300,000 USD.

Twitter’s Birdwatch is a tool that allows users to identify potentially misleading information in tweets and add notes with context. However, the newsletter Factually recently reported that more than 10% of Birdwatch’s notes are generated by the five most active Birdwatchers.

Virginia is likely to become the second state with a comprehensive consumer privacy bill, after both houses of the Virginia General Assembly passed the Consumer Data Protection Act.

The New York City Police Department released the Cryptocurrency Analysis Tools: Impact & Use Policy for public comment. 

(compiled by student fellow Emmett Weiss)