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IAPP Westin Research Fellowships

Of possible interest from Omer Tene:  Established in 2013, the IAPP Westin Research Center was created to encourage and enable research and scholarship in the field of privacy. Each year, the IAPP welcomes two or more recent graduates to spend 12 months on site with our team, reporting to the VP of Research and Education, and working on a broad array of privacy research projects.…

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Internet architects propose encrypting all the world’s Web traffic

See details here.…

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Are access and correction tools, opt-out buttons, and privacy dashboards the right solutions to consumer data privacy?

The past year has seen consumers being given new tools to control the data that advertisers and data brokers collect about them. These developments might point to a new direction in consumer data privacy and are provoking live debate.


Consumer data broker access and correction

In September 2013, date broker Acxiom announced the launch of a new website,, which allows individuals to view and correct information that Acxiom collects about them, as well as opt out of inclusion in its products for advertisers. …

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Sloan Cybersecurity Lecture at NYU-Poly

As part of the FTC’s “Reclaim Your Name” initiative, FTC Commissioner Julie Brill delivered the Sloan Cybersecurity Lecture at NYU-Poly. Her talk focused on the rise of big data as a social force, the historical role of the FTC in privacy protection, and the roles that different parties (i.e.…

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Extra-PRG Meeting on the Technical Implications of the NSA and GCHQ Revelations

On the 27th of September, we organized an extra Privacy Research Group (PRG) meeting on the technical implications of the NSA and GCHQ surveillance programs as revealed by Edward Snowden and The Guardian. Specifically, given what we know from media reports and discussions among the security community, the meeting provided us with an opportunity to explore answers to the following three questions:


  1. What are the technical surveillance capabilities of the NSA and GCHQ?
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Slides for “The Emotional Context of Information Privacy”

Hi all – if anyone’s interested, the (perhaps too cryptic) slides which accompanied my talk last week are available below. Many thanks for everyone’s feedback – more is certainly welcome!


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Cosmo publishes “10 Completely Terrible Apps No One Should Ever Use”

From an attentive MCC undergrad. Link here. The webpage itself tracks all onClick behaviors.…

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Is freedom from cross-border surveillance a human right?

Among the revelations about NSA surveillance this summer was the news that the United States engaged in massive surveillance of foreign governments and citizens, including embassies, delegations, and politicians of its allies and trading partners, and the offices of the European Union and the United Nations.…

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PRG – Overview of Legal Implications of NSA Spying

Post-911 laws and FISA court developments. PRG Discussion on 9/18/13

FISA Act governs gathering of data about foreign actors, set up in wake of Watergate.  Created framework for data collection and court review by FISA courts.   With the Patriot Act, push to expand powers and reach of a number of laws.  …

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Setting up Accounts at PRG

Hi all– If you don’t have an account on the blog yet, please register at the link at the bottom of this post.

If you have a twitter account that is devoted primarily to privacy-related tweets, please list it in comments in this post.…

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