The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) proposed the Personal Financial Data Rights rule to give people a legal right to give third parties access to their data related to their credit card, checking, prepaid, and digital wallet accounts. This change will allow people to switch service providers and manage multiple accounts without paying junk fees or permitting risky methods of data collection. 

The French Data Protection Authority (“CNIL”) published a set of guidelines in the form of AI how-to sheets addressing compliance with personal data regulation, including the GDPR, while developing AI systems. The guidelines are intended to provide greater legal certainty to relevant parties. 

New attorneys for the Fugees rapper, Pras, filed a motion for a new trial on the grounds that his previous defense attorney was ineffective because the attorney used an “experimental” Generative AI program to help him write the closing argument and it caused mistakes. 

PEW Research published a report on a survey about Americans views on data privacy. Key highlights include:

  • American adults are concerned about and don’t understand how companies and the government use the data they collect. The percent has increased for Republicans responding to the poll
  • Americans don’t trust companies to use AI responsibly and worry that use of AI for data collection and analysis will result in unintended consequences and uses people would not be comfortable with
  • Americans feel their privacy choices don’t really matter
  • There is bipartisan support for increased regulation of company’s use of personal data

The New York Court of Appeals ruled that independent oversight agencies, the Commission on Forensic Sciences and the DNA Subcommittee, had the authority to promulgate a regulation that permits law enforcement to request a familial DNA search of the state DNA Databank — which stores genetic information of New Yorkers convicted of certain felonies — when an initial search results in no match or a partial match. NY Court of Appeals Decision.

(Compiled by Student Fellow Lindsey Schwartz)