California governor Gavin Newsom signed the Delete Act, which requires data brokers to register with the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) and charges the CPPA with developing a one-stop-shop deletion mechanism for consumers to request the deletion of their data held by registered brokers.

Clearview AI successfully appealed a multimillion-pound fine imposed last year by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office, which a court found to lack jurisdiction, as since 2020 Clearview has only accepted law enforcement agencies or national security bodies as clients.

Google is hosting a discussion on potential new protocols that could be used to allow online creators to prevent the inclusion of their data in AI training datasets. 

Meta released a new product allowing users to talk to AI chatbots, many using the likenesses of partner celebrities.


The Journal of Legislation and Public Policy is hosting a symposium (co-sponsored by PRG) on Monday, Oct. 23, about the legal and policy challenges surrounding telehealth. RSVP here.

The Information Law Institute is hosting a symposium on Thursday, Oct. 26, discussing the recent slate of child privacy laws restricting youth access to social media and the internet. RSVP by emailing

(Compiled by Student Fellow Stephanie Chen)