The Biden administration’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration is seeking public comments on accountability and safety measures for AI systems.

The AI Now Institute released its 2023 Landscape report, focusing on policy and nonregulatory interventions to shape the trajectory of AI.

Reddit moderators are being overwhelmed by ChatGPT-generated content, raising questions around issues of platform governance.

China’s internet regulator published draft rules addressing generative AI services, covering issues including privacy, copyright, moderation, and cybersecurity.

The Center for AI and Digital Policy filed a complaint with the FTC calling for an investigation into OpenAI and a halt to development of new models until guardrails are established.

A mayor of an Australian municipality is preparing to sue OpenAI for defamation over ChatGPT content falsely naming him as a guilty party in a bribery scandal.

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy released a proposal for advancing privacy-preserving data sharing and analytics technologies.

Canada’s Office of the Privacy Commissioner has begun an investigation into OpenAI in response to a complaint alleging collection, use, and disclosure of personal information without consent.

(Compiled by Student Fellow Stephanie Chen)