On February 23d, the Privacy Research Group discussed the following current events:

The European Commission has put forth a proposal this week on industrial data regulation. The proposal, called the Data Act, is especially notable in its push for greater data-sharing and the right to data portability.

The PRG also discussed the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s plans to revise its Cybersecurity Framework. One particular aim of the revision is to improve cybersecurity guidance for supply chain risk management.

In media-related news, the New York Times has recently bought Wordle. The media company’s use of ad-trackers in the popular word game has led to privacy concerns and internet backlash.

On the other side of the pond, another news company has lost a landmark case on privacy. The UK Supreme Court has ruled against Bloomberg for publishing the private information of an individual facing criminal investigation. The court decision has prompted concerns over the future of journalism and the free press. 

(Compiled by Student Fellow Kiana Boroumand)