Tim Berners-Lee and John Bruce founded the start-up Interrupt and are working on Solid, a web project designed to decentralize data ownership (The Inquirer).

Facebook was hacked through their “View As” feature with over 50 million users having having their accounts taken over as well as access to the third-party websites they logged into with Facebook taking advantage of the Single Sign-On feature (Wired). Since the attack stolen Facebook accounts have appeared for sale on the dark web (The Independent).

California Governor Jerry Brown approved two bills that might make Internet-connected device manufacturers more responsible for ensuring “reasonable security feature[s]” and to protect from “unauthorized access” (Govtech). The Justice Department sued to stop new laws in California that would guarantee net neutrality (NY Times). California also passed the a new law demanding bot transparency (Artificial Lawyer).
Memorial Sloan Kettering CEO Craig Thomson resigned under scrutiny regarding the hospital’s compensation and ties to industry (ProPublica).
IEEE launched an Ethics Certification Program for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems with the goal of designing marks for accountability, transparency, and algorithmic bias (Business Wire).

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