Uber agreed to pay $148 million in settlement for 2016 data breach (Washington Post).  

French data protection authority issued some of the first formal guidance on blockchain and the GDPR (Tweet by Michele Finck, Study).

Spotify and Ancestry can tell you your “music DNA” from your actual DNA (QZ).  

Brian Acton, WhatsApp founder, described why he left Facebook, stating “I sold my users’ privacy… I live with that every day.” In a Forbes article, Brian Acton discussed how his privacy views differ from Facebook’s, in particular relating to targeting in advertising.

Additionally, the Instagram founders who sold the company to Facebook in 2012 have stepped down (Bloomberg).

Users were upset when Google started automatically logging users into Chrome (ZDNet, Mashable).

The NY Times is trying to figure out if the spam-like comments on FCC net neutrality are linked to Russia (MediaPost).

Twitter announced a policy banning dehumanizing speech and opening it up to a two week comment period (Wired).

The MarkUp got a $20 Million grant from Craigslist founder to focus on tech related investigative news (TechCrunch).

Cassi Carley compiled this week’s roundup.