A little-known data firm that created 48 million user profiles by scraping data from sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Zillow had been storing its profiles on Amazon cloud storage without password protection, leaving it open for anyone to download.

In a brief per curiam decision, the [Supreme Court] dismissed United States v. Microsoft Corp., which asked whether the company was required to comply with a warrant for emails stored overseas, as moot in light of the recent passage of a federal statute affecting the central issue in the case.” (from SCOTUSblog)

A judge has found that a class action suit challenging Facebook’s facial recognition under an Illinois statute can move forward.

While Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony drew widespread attention, Wired documented Facebook’s efforts to roll back state privacy laws.

Senator Ted Cruz wrote an Op-Ed for Fox News asserting that Facebook has been suppressing conservative speech.

A bipartisan data privacy bill was introduced in the Senate that, among other things, would require companies to notify users within 72 hours of a data bread.