Research Opportunity on International Organizations

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Prof. Alvarez, who is on sabbatical leave for the academic year 2023-2024, is working on the second edition of his book, International Organizations as Law-Makers (OUP 2006).  He will be hiring 2-3 research assistants for pay (at the standard rates of $15 per hour for JDs and $15 for LLMs) or for one or two academic credits (as appropriate) to start work no later than Sept. 11 and extending at least through the fall term.  The amount of weekly hours or amount of credit to be determined.  

JD or LLM candidates interested in the job may want to look briefly at that book in advance to get a sense of the subject matter.  The new edition will address the role of organizations, principally established by states under treaty, in creating, interpreting or enforcing the classic sources of international law (custom, treaty, general principles as well as subsidiary evidence for those sources).  It will cover not only the global organizations of the UN system but regional organizations such as the EU and ASEAN.  Research for one or two academic credits requires production of substantive research, in the form of short papers, comparable to that produced in a seminar.  Students with a strong background in international law (and preferably international organizations) strongly preferred.  Ability to do research in languages other than English is a plus. 

Those interested should send, by August 15th, their CVs, an informal NYU transcript of grades (if applicable), and a cover letter explaining their interest and qualifications directly to Prof. Alvarez at