Submissions to the Docket are now made directly by the respective offices and departments as seen in the Categories list on the right side of the page.

If you need a Docket account for your department, or if you have any problems or questions, please send a request to

Upcoming Deadlines

  • NEW: If adding a post to the “Deadlines” category, use date field picker below the editor to indicate the date of your deadline.
    • Your post will be displayed with the date prefixed in front of the post title.
    • You don’t need to include the date in your title.
  • Only deadlines occurring in the next 30 days will be included in the email.
  • Add only internal NYU Law deadlines.
    • Use the “External Opportunities” category for non-NYU Law deadlines.
  • Do not use this category for grouped deadlines; each post should be a unique deadline.
  • To see this in action, see the first example illustration below.


  • Please choose ONE category in which to display your post.
    • If you aren’t sure what category to pick, use the “Other” category. Your post will be included in the “Announcements” category in the Docket email.
  • Please DO NOT post to the “Career Services” or “PILC” categories without first getting approval from those departments.

Internal vs. External Content

  • Please use your department category for announcements relating to students’ NYU Law experience.
  • Announcements relating to things outside of the NYU Law experience should be added to the “External Opportunities” category.

Audience (1L, 2L, 3L, LLM, JSD, MSL) Tagging

  • We’ve changed the audience selections to be Tags instead of Categories.
  • Please select the specific class or classes that your post applies to.
  • Select every class if your post applies to everyone.
  • To see this in action, see the example illustration below.

Posting in Multiple Issues

  • Reposting is OK in moderation.
  • Please don’t repeat your announcement more than is absolutely necessary.
  • Consider changing the title in subsequent posts to bring more attention to it.
  • Please do not create duplicate posts of the same content. If you need to re-run your announcement for a second week, edit the original listing and modify the publication date to be included in the next week’s issue.


  • Please do not list your event in the Docket
  • Event listings should be placed in the NYU Law Calendar
  • Event listings in the calendar will be included in the Upcoming Events email
  • The Upcoming Events email includes the next four weeks of listings

Publication Time Frame

  • The Docket email includes any post dated between 12:01 a.m. of the previous Monday through 12:00 a.m. Sunday night.

Post Titles

  • Please Use Title Case for Your Title (capitalize all words except for the, for, to, of, etc., unless it is the first word of the title).
  • Make sure your title clearly and succinctly describes your post (not too short; not too long).
  • AUAIYT: Avoid using acronyms in your titles. Some students may not be familiar with them.
  • Do not USE ALL CAPS FOR YOUR TITLE. It’s a bit like SHOUTING!

Table 1:
“Announcements” Categories

In the weekly Docket email the following categories from the website will be combined into a single section titled “Announcements.”

Academic Services
Alumni Relations
Dean’s Office
Forum on Law, Culture & Society
Graduate Affairs
Graduate Tax Program
Law and Business
Library Services
Records And Registration
Residence Life
Student Affairs
Student Financial Services