Research Assistant for Professor Clayton Gillette – Community Land Trust Lease Drafting

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NYU School of Law and NYU’s Marron Institute of Urban Management have assisted in the creation of a Community Land Trust (CLT) in an historically underserved of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  CLTs seek to provide affordable housing in perpetuity by removing land from the market and leasing it, usually for renewable 99-year periods, to income-qualified residents.   Those lessees own the homes that they construct or improve on the CLT-owned land, although some CLTs also rent properties.   While leases are inheritable and transferable, resale prices are capped to ensure continuing affordability while allowing residents to attain some of the wealth-building benefits of home equity.  CLTs have been used throughout the country in an effort to expand the availability of affordable housing in underserved communities.  The Baton Rouge CLT, formally known as the Plank Road CLBT, operates those same principles.


The Plank Road CLT is currently drafting a model lease to be used for properties that the CLT holds.  We are looking for a research assistant for help with this project.  The tasks include reviewing leases used by other CLTs around the country, modifying them to adjust to the circumstances of the Plank Road CLBT, and determining what provisions should be in a lease to comply with Louisiana law.  No prior experience in Louisiana law is necessary.  It will be helpful, however, to have some basic understanding of property law concepts.


This is a wonderful opportunity to gain experience in drafting documents while simultaneously assisting in the development of an underserved community.  Interested students should send a transcript and brief statement of interest to Professor Clayton Gillette at or stop by VH 429 to speak with him.


In compliance with NYC’s Pay Transparency Act, the hourly base salary at NYU Law School for student employment positions is $15 per hour for undergraduate and graduate students.