Opportunity for New Research Assistant for Prof. Jose E. Alvarez

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Professor Alvarez will be looking for a new research assistant, from either the second/third year JD class or the LLM class to work for pay at the usual NYU authorized pay per hour $16/hr.  The work will likely involve research into particular case studies of legal developments involving a prominent role for UN system organizations.  Examples will include research into developments involving the International Law Commission (such as its efforts to secure a treaty on crimes against humanity as well as ‘soft law’ efforts on the traditional sources of international law and reactions to these in the UN GA’s Sixth Committee) as well as the new treaty concluded in June 2023 (BBNJ) on marine diversity.  Those interested should be willing to work for an average of 10 hours per week starting in mid-February through the end of the spring semester with a possibility of extending into the summer.  Those interested should send a CV, a letter of interest indicating their background in international law, along with an informal list of grades received at NYU.  These materials should be sent to jose.alvarez@nyu.edu to arrive between Feb. 3-5, 2024 because that is when Prof. Alvarez will be able to review them in time to interview candidates.