FERPA Annual Notice and Reminder Regarding Access to Student Information

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FERPA Annual Notice

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) works to maintain your privacy as a student. With that, you may need to access or amend your records, review how the FERPA discloses personal identifiable information, or find out how to file a complaint.

Please see the FERPA Annual Notice.


Access to Student Information

From time to time, third parties including vendors, employment or military recruiters, and other organizations, may request directory information regarding members of our community. Pursuant to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), New York University designates certain student information as directory information. (Click here for more information about what constitutes directory information pursuant to FERPA.) Directory information for students can be shared with third parties without additional student consent.  In the case of military recruiters, the Solomon Amendment requires the University to provide student directory information upon request.  Please note that, under federal law, physical mailing address, electronic mailing address, telephone listings, and age are also considered directory information for military recruitment purposes.

We want to remind you, however, that currently enrolled students may refuse to permit disclosure of their directory information. To obtain non-disclosure status, please request the form via email to law.registration@nyu.edu. Once a completed form is received, a hold will be placed on the release of your directory information, and this hold will remain on file with the University Registrar as well. If you do not specifically request the withholding of directory information by filing the appropriate form, as indicated above, the University assumes that you approve of the disclosure of such information. The University disclaims any and all liability for inadvertent disclosure of directory information designated to be withheld.

We urge you to think carefully about whether you want to place a non-disclosure hold on your record. Once the non-disclosure hold is placed on your record, your information will not be shared with anyone except for those who present a release authorized by you or pursuant to subpoena. This hold will remain in effect until you file a written request to remove it.


If you have additional questions regarding this reminder, please feel free to contact our office at law.acadservices@nyu.edu.