Fall 2022 Grades as of Jan. 13 at 4:00 p.m.

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All grades received by 4 pm today, January 13, that were grade distribution compliant and properly submitted have been posted.

Faculty who were not able to submit grades by 4 pm today were asked to contact their class with an estimated delivery date.

We will resume grade processing on Tuesday, January 17, when the office reopens from the MLK holiday, and we expect that many of the missing grades will be available for processing at that time.

Please remember that it can take one to two business days to finalize the grades; so you can expect Tuesday’s grades to be resolved by Thursday, January 19.

Further, please keep in mind these other upper-level grading deadlines:
upper-level examinations
(b) for instructors with between 101 and 159 examinations, all grades are due no later than January 23, 2023.
(c) for instructors with 160 or more examinations, all grades are due February 2, 2023.