NYU Law Library Naming Contest – Voting Begins Apr. 24

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Thank you to everyone who submitted suggestions!

Voting begins from Monday (April 24) – Wednesday (April 26) on the NYU Law Library Instagram (@nyulawlibrary)
Here are the finalists:
Scanner 1 – Reading Room North
Option A – Learned Scan
Option B – Justice ScantoninĀ Scalia
Option C – ScAnne Hathaway
Scanner 2 – Computer LabĀ 
Option A – Arthur T. Scanderbilt
Option B – SCOTUS (Scanner/Copier of the Under-School)
Option C – ScanGPT
Computer Lab.jpg
Bookeye 1 – Reading Room South
Option A – The Notorious PDF
Option B – Scan Solo
Option C – Justice Scanthony Kennedy
May the best names win!
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