Feb. 05: Research Assistant position(s) for Professor Philip Alston and Professor Victoria Adelmant

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Professors Philip Alston and Victoria Adelmant are jointly seeking one or more research assistants for the Spring semester 2024 to undertake research on case studies of the digitalization of government. LLM students or students from the second or third year JD class can apply to work either for academic credit or for pay at the usual NYU authorized pay of $16/hour. Those interested should be willing to undertake research for an average of 10 hours per week starting in early February until the end of the Spring semester, with a possibility of extending into the summer.


The work will involve researching and summarizing recent developments in the digitalization of government — including researching litigation surrounding the roll-out of digital ID programs, summarizing the effects of algorithmic government systems, and compiling recent government policies and announcements regarding digitalization — covering countries such as Kenya, India, Chile, France, and the Netherlands.


Those interested should send a CV, a letter indicating their interest and background relating to these issues, and an informal list of grades received at NYU to victoria.adelmant@law.nyu.edu by EOD February 5.