Spring 2024 – JD Credit/Fail Option

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Starting 10:00am NY time on January 26th, the Spring 2024 JD Credit/Fail option will be available for 2L and 3L students for classes designated with the Credit/Fail option. JD students may elect this option on the designated classes or change their election via Albert until Tuesday, April 23 at 11:59 pm.


2L and 3L students may elect to register for a total of two non-required courses on a Credit/Fail basis provided the faculty member teaching the course has listed the course as being open to such registration.

  • Ungraded credits for student journals, Moot Court, Teaching Assistantships, and Research Assistantships are not counted toward this limit.
  • Classes that only offer a CR grade are not counted toward the two-course limit.
  • The class must be listed open to such registration.
  • Students may not, under any circumstances, change an election to take or not to take a course Credit/Fail after the time for making such an election has expired.
  • Visiting students will only be allowed to register for the Credit/Fail grading option provided prior approval of their home school is submitted to the Office of Academic Services.


Instructions on how to elect the Credit/Fail option in Albert are listed below:

  1. Log in to Albert through NYUHome.
  2. Scroll down until you see your class schedule.
  3. Click on the Edit tab found under your class schedule.
  4. Choose the Spring term and click continue.
  5. Choose the course from the dropdown menu that is available for Credit/Fail.

See our Credit/Fail Option web page for further details.

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