Spring 2024 Exam Webinar

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Dear Students,


Prepare for success by attending the Spring 2024 Exams 101 Webinar on April 18, 2024 at 11:00 AM.


Zoom link: https://nyulaw.zoom.us/j/92699917219


What to Expect:

  • Support Resources: Discover where to access support resources should you need assistance during exams
  • Exam Readiness: Learn how to ensure your device is ready for exams with practice exams on Exam4.
  • Exam Types and Modes: Understand different exam types and Exam4 modes to prepare effectively.
  • Permitted Devices: Know what devices are allowed during exams and ensure compliance with policies & procedures.
  • Accommodations: Learn about requesting testing accommodations.


Mark your calendars and see you there! Feel free to e-mail us at law.exams@nyu.edu for assistance.


Kind regards,

NYU Law Exam Team

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