NYS Bar Exam Applications and Forms

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NYS Bar Application Steps and Useful Links

  1. Create a NY BOLE (Board of Law Examiners) account.  See here: https://portal.nybarexam.org/
    • You will need an NCBE number. See instructions at the above link.
  2. Starting on Saturday, April 1st – Accessing the Application Instructions https://www.nybarexam.org/forms/forms.htm

Accommodation Information

Please note the NYS Bar Exam offers exam accommodations.

NYS Bar accommodations page: https://www.nybarexam.org/ada/ada.htm

NYU Law’s Bar Accommodation Process webpage: https://www.law.nyu.edu/recordsandregistration/barexams/baraccommodationprocess

Good luck with your application.  Please remember to submit your application as soon as possible, but no later than Sunday, April 30th.

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