May 1: Deadline for Submitting Outstanding Work from Prior Semesters

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As May 2024 graduation approaches, we want to remind 3L students that it is imperative for you to submit incomplete work from a prior semester to the faculty no later than May 1, 2024 (unless your professor requires an earlier deadline).


Please note faculty are required to submit all grades to the Office of Records and Registration by Friday, May 24, 2024.


Deadline for Submission of Final Paper to Professor – May 1, 2024:
Found on our Grading System and Academic Standards web page, it is stated that the deadline to submit papers to the faculty for work in progress (prior to spring 2019) is May 1, 2024.

Third-year students who have grades of incomplete in courses from prior semesters must complete and submit all work required for the course no later than May 1 of their sixth semester or at such earlier date as the faculty member requires. Full-time LLM students must submit a final version of incomplete work no later than May 1 of their second semester. The May 1 deadline is necessary to enable faculty sufficient time to evaluate the student’s work and submit a grade and for the School to be able to certify the student for graduation and to sit for the July bar exam. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange a submission schedule with the instructor. An extension may only be granted by the Office of the Vice Dean in consultation with the faculty member.

Any student wishing to submit a petition to submit final work for a prior semester past the May 1 deadline should submit the petition to the Office of Academic Services rather than directly to the Vice Dean.


Submitting Your Final Paper:
Once you have submitted your final paper to your professor, please inform Academic Services via email ( that you have done so.


Submitting Your Paper After the May 1 Deadline:
Failing to submit your paper by May 1, 2024 will jeopardize your chances of being cleared for graduation and bar certification. We cannot guarantee that your grade(s) will be submitted and posted to your transcript in time to process your graduation and bar certification papers.


Satisfying the Substantial Writing Requirement:
You may not have registered for a Writing Credit or a Directed Research to satisfy your writing requirement, but instead wrote and submitted a lengthy paper for a seminar/course as required for an Option A or Option B paper. If you have fulfilled the requirements of an Option A or Option B paper, please have your professor send an email to the Office of Academic Services confirming that the paper you wrote in satisfaction of the seminar or course satisfies the Option A or Option B Writing Requirement.


Please note that a paper that satisfies the Option A requirement has to be an original analytic paper at least 10,000 words in length. The paper must undergo the following comment and draft process: an outline submitted to your supervising faculty member, a first draft of the paper and subsequent drafts responsive to the faculty member’s criticism.


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