Apr. 23 Deadline to Drop a Spring 2024 Course without a WD

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The deadline for upper-year students to submit a drop request for a Spring 2024 class is 4:45 pm New York time on Tuesday, April 23.


Important items:

  • Submit a digital ticket to your program office by the deadline. Please log into the Law Registrar Service Desk.
  • Fill out the ticket to request to drop the course.
  • Dropping a seminar, colloquium, simulation course, or writing credit? Obtain professor’s permission. Please attach the professor’s permission to the ticket.
  • Dropping to below 12 credits (3Ls and full-time LL.M. students)? Complete the applicable Credit Load Permission Form to Increase/Decrease Credits.
  • Did you take a mid-term, complete graded work, etc.? You may drop the class, but you will receive a WD notation on your transcript.
  • Did the class end after the first 7 weeks of the semester? You may not drop the class.
  • Is the course from a previous semester? A “WD” will appear on your transcript.

For more information, please contact your program office.


JDs – Office of Academic Services (law.acadservices@nyu.edu)
Non-tax LLMs – Office of Graduate Affairs (law.graduateaffairs@nyu.edu)
Tax LLMs – Office of Graduate Tax (law.taxprograms@nyu.edu)



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