Decision on the CISG by Judge Francesco Cortesi

Hon. Judge Francesco Cortesi, a former Fellow of the Center for Transnational Litigation and Commercial Law, renders a remarkable decision on the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). In that decision, Judge Cortesi addresses various important CISG issues, such as the possibility of the CISG’s exclusion, the issue of non-conformity of the goods sold, the issue of interest rate, etc. In doing so, Judge Cortesi cites to decisions rendered by many foreign courts, thus conforming to the mandate set forth in Article 7(1) of CISG. For an English translation of the full text of the decision, prepared by Giulia Sambugaro, member of the New York State Bar and graduate of NYU School of Law, where she obtained an LL.M. in International Business Regulation, Litigation and Arbitration in 2011, click here.

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