Professors Franco Ferrari, Friedrich Rosenfeld, and Juan Ignacio Stampalija publish a book on the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of the Foreign Arbitral Awards

The Center for Transnational Litigation, Arbitration, and Commercial Law is glad to be able to announce that its Director, Professor Franco Ferrari, has just published the Spanish version of the book titled “Recognition and Execution of Foreign Arbitral Awards: A Concise Guide to the New York Convention’s Uniform Regime”, which Professor Ferrari co-authored with Professor Friedrich Rosenfeld, and which Professor Charles T. Kotuby edited. The Spanish version, titled “Reconocimiento y ejecución de laudos arbitrales extranjeros”, was prepared by Professor Juan Ignacio Stampalija, a professor at the Universidad Austral, Buenos Aires.

This edition analyses case law from major arbitration jurisdictions, including, thanks to the contribution of Professor Stampalija, many Latin American ones, to explain the New York Convention’s sphere and scope of application, the duty to recognize and enforce arbitration agreements and arbitral awards as well as its limitations, the grounds for refusal related to jurisdiction, those related to proper notice and the ability to present one’s case, the grounds for refusal related to procedure and those related to the award’s status under the law applicable to it, as well as the grounds for refusal related to public policy, and the procedure and formal requirements for recognition.

This is the second book co-authored by Professor Ferrari in Spanish, the first one being a comparative introduction to international commercial arbitration, which Professor Ferrari co-authored with Professors Friedrich Rosenfeld, John Fellas, and Julio Cesar Rivera (h). titled “Arbitraje Comercial Internacional”.