Professors Franco Ferrari, Friedrich Rosenfeld, and Caroline Kleiner publish a comparative introduction to international commercial arbitration

Professors Franco Ferrari, the Center’s Director, Friedrich Rosenfeld (Global Adjunct Professor of Law at NYU Paris and Partner at Hanefeld, Paris/Hamburg), and Caroline Kleiner (Professor of Law at Universite’ Paris Cite’) have just published the book titled Arbitrage Commercial International. Une approche comparative. The book, which is based on the English version authored by Professors Ferrari and Rosenfeld, with Professor John Fellas (Adjunct Professor at NYU School of Law) acting as Consultant Editor, has benefitted greatly from Professor Kleiner’s knowledge of French arbitration law and how it differs from the arbitration law of other jurisdictions. Like the original English version, the French version is divided into 12 chapters, namely Introduction to International Commercial Arbitration, the Recognition of Arbitration Agreements and Relevant Exceptions, the Principle of Competence, Initiation of Arbitral Proceedings and Constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal, Procedure, Evidence, Complex Arbitrations Involving Multiple Tiers, Contracts and Parties, the Award, the Set-Aside of Awards, the New York Convention: Introduction, Scope of Application, Formal Requirements and Procedure, the New York Convention: the Duty to Recognize and Enforce Arbitral Awards, and the Relevance of the Post-Award Phase in the Pre-Award Phase.

The Preface was penned by Hon. Fabienne Schaller, President of the International Commercial Chamber of the Paris Court of Appeal.