Professor Franco Ferrari to give opening speech at the very first NOVA Summer School on International Arbitration

The Center is glad to be able to announce that on 11 July 2022, Professor Franco Ferrari, the Center’s Director, will give the opening speech on the occasion of the very first NOVA Summer School on International Arbitration, which will take place in person from 11-18 July 2022 in Lisbon. In his speech, entitled “national international commercial arbitration”, Professor Ferrari will

elaborate on his view, expressed in various papers, that it is national law that confers juridicity to arbitration, i.e., “where the source of [the arbitrators’] power and the legal nature of the process and of the ensuing decision stem from” (Gaillard).

Professor Ferrari joins a stellar group of academics and practitioners involved in the Summer School, namely Gustavo Fernandes, Joana Galvão Teles, Lauro Gama Jr, Elena Gutiérrez García de Cortázar , José-Miguel Júdice,, Jan Kleinheisterkamp  Fernando Mantilla-Serrano, André Marini, Sofia Martins, Pedro Metello de Nápoles, André Pereira da Fonseca, Georgios Petrochilos QC, Ina Popova, Ashique Rahman, Mélanie Riofrio Piché, Catherine Rogers, Eduardo Silva-Romero, Patricia Saiz, Luís Heleno Terrinha, Pacome Ziegler, and Gary Born, who will give the closing speech.

For the full program, see here.