PRG News Roundup, Oct. 30, 2020

Apple has been hit with an antitrust complaint by the Interactive Advertising Bureau in France over its planned privacy settings which will limit the ability of app developers to track users unless the users give explicit consent. (Link)

A proposed ban on facial recognition by police agencies and companies in Portland, Oregon has been complicated by an individual’s development of a facial recognition system that would identify police officers, a system which would be allowed under the new bill. (NY Times)

Facebook has demanded that NYU Ad Observatory cease its monitoring and collecting data on political advertisements on the platform claiming a breach of its terms of service provisions on bulk data collection without permissions. (WSJ)

Zoom shut down a series events in the United States, including one held by NYU, discussing Zoom’s previous shut down of a San Francisco State University organized talk by Leila Khaled, a Palestinian activist and a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a US designated terror organization. The events did not have Leila Khaled presenting in their meetings, but discussed the previous event cancellation and statements made by Khaled. (Buzzfeed; AAUP)

(compiled by Student Fellow Maxwell Votey)