A court in Brussels decided on Monday that Facebook would no longer be able to collect and store personal information from Belgians who do not have a Facebook account; Facebook announced that it would appeal the ruling.

Link: Facebook to Appeal a Belgian Court’s Ruling on Data Privacy

Walmart experiments with facial recognition technology to spot potential thieves.

Link: Walmart’s Use of Sci-fi Tech to Spot Shoplifters Raises Privacy Concerns

Goethe-Institut New York to host symposium on “Images of Surveillance: The Politics, Economics, and Aesthetics of Surveillance Societies” December 4-6, 2015

Charges announced in “one of the biggest cyber crimes in history”.

Link: Charges Announced in J.P. Morgan Hacking Case

Data Transparency Lab to take place at MIT November 16-17, 2015

Judge Leon deems NSA bulk telephony metadata collection program unconstitutional.

Link: Judge Deals a Blow to N.S.A. Data Collection Program

Microsoft announces that it will offer its European customers to store their personal data in Germany, responding to privacy concerns.

Link: Microsoft Offers EU Customers Option to Store Data in Germany