Obama campaign gives doner/voter PII away

While most US states have laws regarding the *unauthorized* disclosure of personal information, there aren’t so many regarding the *voluntary* disclosure of the data — as in this story below stating how members of the Obama campaign gave its database to a newly (self) created  non-profit group. In addition to voter and doner individuals, the database also contains information regarding, “Anybody who contacted the campaign through Facebook had their friends and “likes” downloaded. If they contacted  the campaign website through mobile apps, cellphone numbers and address books were downloaded. Computer “cookies” captured Web browsing and online spending habits.”

I’m guessing these individuals didn’t intend for that to happen…



Update: And so it begins: http://www.propublica.org/article/will-democrats-sell-your-political-opinions-to-credit-card-companies — selling voter information to credit card companies and retailers.