Law.Nyu.Edu x Dress Head Store Skater Skirt

Law.Nyu.Edu x Dress Head Store Skater Skirt – Long And Loose Flowing Patterned

Identical patterns in two color choices are the statement this x skater skirt makes with pizazz. You may choose from orange or blue, both having many other colors that blend and contrast throughout the skirt body with a wider waistband that slims down your figure in a graceful, stylish manner. This longer version of the simple skater skirt is lined with solid polyester material, which matches the variety of main colors. Suitable for spring and summer wear, this flowing skirt is whispery cool as it billows around your legs. Waistband style allows you to tuck in a lightweight blouse and wear with a black jacket or cardigan. This skater skirt is available in small, medium, large and extra-large, so no matter what your figure, you can find one to wear. We recommend hand washing, line dry out of the sun or tumble dry just to remove the dampness.