Center hosts webinar entitled “Introduction to International Arbitration in Africa”

This is to invite you on behalf of NYU’s Center for Transnational Litigation, Arbitration, and Commercial Law to a webinar entitled “Introduction to International Arbitration in Africa” to take place on September 23, 20021, from 9.00 am – 10.15 (NY time).

This event, to be moderated by Mr. Domenico Di Pietro (GST LLP, London/Miami), will allow participants to get an idea of the status quo of international arbitration in Africa. The starting point will be an overview of the historical development of arbitration in Africa as well as the legal framework applicable in the various African countries to be analyzed by the two speakers, Ms. Ndanga Kamau (Ndanga Kamau Law, The Hague) and Professor Emilia Onyema (SOAS University of London). When addressing the legal framework, the speakers will also identify Model Law and non-Model Law jurisdictions on the African content and address the impact of OHADA and the New York Convention on arbitration in Africa. As part of their focus on the legal framework, the speakers will also analyze the institutional framework in the sense of the arbitral institutions operating on the African continent. The speakers will also address practical issues, such as the implications of choosing to seat an arbitration in an African jurisdiction, the importance of African arbitrators and counsel in international arbitrations with seats in Africa and outside Africa, and the attitudes of domestic courts vis-à-vis arbitration at both the pre-award and the post-award stages.

For more information, including short bios of the speakers see the brochure.