Italy recently banned ChatGPT on allegations that it runs afoul of GDPR rules. Germany is considering a ban as well.

Senator Mike Lee (R, Utah) recently introduced a bill called the AMERICA Act aimed at regulating advertising markets. The bill imposes nondiscrimination obligations on technology companies and enjoys support from senators on both sides of the aisle.

AI platform Midjourney is facing criticism over its rules surrounding Chinese President Xi Jingping. Currently, the platform does not allow generation of images depicting Xi and does not allow prompts requesting the same.

Police use of facial recognition technology is leading to false arrests. In one case, an incorrect identification led to week-long imprisonment.

An Australian Court is considering the world’s first defamation suit around content generated from ChatGPT.

A class action lawsuit was recently filed under Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act. ID verifier Jumio and crypto platforms Binance Capital Management and BAM Trading services were recently sued under the law and filed a motion to dismiss on April 4.

The Cybersecurity Law and Policy Scholars conference is currently accepting papers. Abstracts are due May 15.

(Compiled by Student Fellow Aditya Trivedi)