Deep fake images of Donald Trump being arrested have widely circulated on Twitter and other social media.

Tiktok updated its rules and standards for content after facing the western pressures of a ban.

OpenAI has released GPT4, an updated version of its text generating AI program. Other tech actors such as Microsoft have also dived into the AI text generated activity with programs such as Bing Chat.

Lawmakers in the UK have introduced a new version of GDPR.

Utah passed a sweeping law to limit teen social media access. According to that new law, among other things, social media have to provide parents with passwords to allow them access to the social account of their children.


March 24, 2023: DreyFEST Tickets, New York | Eventbrite 

DreyFEST is the Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy (NYU School of Law) celebration of the career of Professor Rochelle Dreyfuss.


“Innovation Protection for Platform Competition.” by David Stein. This paper discusses the concentration of power in the digital platform industry and posits that the proposed remedies by the regulators to counteract concentration may inadvertently exacerbate it.

(Compiled by Student Fellow Kevin Xhebexhia)