by Eli Siems

  • The NY Times reports on an ongoing struggle between banks and tech companies over the fate of your financial data.
  • On Monday, launched its new Amazon Cash service, allowing customers to add paper cash to an Amazon account at a physical retail location.
  • The Massachusetts Attorney General announced a settlement with a digital advertising firm barring the firm’s practice of geo-fencing women near abortion clinics in order to target them with anti-abortion messages.
  • The Wall Street Journal Reports on a Florida Court of Appeals ruling that searches of “black box” data from within a smart car require a warrant.
  • The manufacturer of a garage door opener remotely blocked a customer’s access to his garage after the customer posted a negative review of the product.
  • A Reuters poll revealed that most Americans would be unwilling to allow their individual personal data to be monitored even if it would help prevent terrorist attacks. Americans remain evenly split on the question when it is posed in regard to collective mass surveillance.
  • Senator Ron Wyden introduced a bill in response to the Trump administration’s asserted extreme vetting procedure requiring everyone entering the U.S. to give over reams of personal digital information by handing over devices at the border. The bill seeks to shield American citizens from such searches but does not seek to protect non-citizens from the invasive practice.