By Taylor Black

On Tuesday, Reuters reported that Yahoo secretly installed a program in all user email accounts to search incoming emails for specific information. Since that report, journalists have also uncovered allegations that internal engineering built a siphon system on behalf of NSA to run every email looking for sets of characters. Yahoo states that they are “a law abiding company which complies with the laws of the United States.”

An investigative journalist published in the New York Review of Books on Oct. 2 that Italian author Elena Ferrante, who writes under a pseudonym, had been unmasked, resulting in controversy over the ethical concerns around the potential identity reveal.

Apple text message metadata: Content of messages are encrypted, but Apple retains logs of who you’re writing to for ~30days. More info forthcoming?

Signal received a grand jury subpeona earlier in 2016, which they were permitted to disclose this week.

Johnson and Johnson warns they have recently learned of a security vulnerability in one of its insulin pumps which could leave patients open to a malicious exploit, though they also stated the risk of such an exploit is low.

An Austrian teenager is suing her parents for violating her privacy by posting childhood pictures to Facebook, and for refusing to take the photos down at her request.