PRG News Roundup: April 6th

Nest is shutting down a smart home hub of a company that they acquired a few years ago. Kit Walsh, Nest Reminds Customers that Ownership Isn’t What it Used to Be, Elec. Frontier Found., (Apr. 5, 2016).

WhatsApp has enabled end to end encryption on their messages. Robert McMillan, Facebook’s WhatsApp Launches ‘End-to-End’ Encryption, Wall St. J., Apr. 5, 2016,

FTC released a call for papers, which are due in October 2016. Privacy Con: Call for Presentations, Fed. Trade Comm’n, (last visited Apr. 6, 2016).

FTC Commissioner Julie Brill left her position several months early. Brent Kendall, Democratic Comissioner Julie Brill to Leave FTC, Wall St. J., Mar. 23, 2016,

The largest leak of documents happened this past weekend. The Panama Papers has directly led to the downfall of the Prime Minister of Iceland. Panama Papers: Iceland PM Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson Steps Down, Apr. 6, 2016,

The FCC voted to go ahead with notice and comment on new privacy rules for ISPs. Natasha Lomas, FCC Proposes New Privacy Rules for ISPs, Tech Crunch, Apr. 4, 2016,