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New Jersey’s Top Legal Eagle

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Anne Milgram ’96In June, the New Jersey Senate confirmed Anne Milgram ’96 as attorney general.

Just 36 years old, Milgram has impressive credentials. As special litigation counsel in the Criminal Section of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, she successfully prosecuted U.S. v. Jimenez-Calderon, winning convictions against multiple defendants who forced young Mexican immigrants into prostitution. Milgram was also an assistant district attorney in the New York County District Attorney’s Office of Robert Morgenthau. “It was clear from our very first interview with her that she was smart, that she was a hard worker and that she had good judgment,” said Morgenthau to New Jersey’s Star-Ledger. “It was also clear that she was interested in public service.”

Larry Kramer, former Russell D. Niles Professor of Law at NYU, now the dean of Stanford Law School, is well acquainted with Milgram. “Anne was one of my all-time favorite students,” says Kramer. “She served as a research assistant— something I do rarely and only with students I really trust. Her work was great. Better still was her attitude: She projects a huge amount of positive energy. Combined with smarts, passion, commitment and a lot of sense, it’s no wonder she’s done so well at such a young age.”