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NYU Law hosts three weekends of Admitted Students Days (ASD) each year for bright-eyed 0Ls to take a gander at the next three potential years of their lives. The last chance for admitted students to visit during one of these formal presentations this year is on April 25-26. In case you are one of the stragglers remaining to visit, this post is written to give you a preview of what to expect.

As an NYU Law Student Ambassador, I have attended multiple events during at least six ASD weekends. It is true that most (okay, all) of the events involved food, drink, and socialization. As a prospective student, you’ll find that these social events are the best way to talk to current students in a more casual setting to get a real feel for what the student body is like. If you are speaking to a 3L like me, you will not have the privilege of being a classmate of that person. If, however, you are conversing with a 1L or 2L, that person could end up being your lifeline (or as Dean Ricky likes to joke at orientation, your life partner) in the future. Also, keep in mind that the general culture of NYU Law remains, for the most part, the same from class to class. Each law school has intangible qualities that define it. While you should consider dozens of factors when choosing the school that is your glass slipper, in the end, you will rely on gut instinct to decide which is The One for you. All this is just to say that we are a self-selected bunch at NYU Law.

Lunch on Thursday

The Office of Admissions puts on quite the Price is Right showcase at ASD to highlight what NYU Law has to offer. You start off Thursday with a lunch (say hi to me) and campus tours. After that, you get to make a class visit, choosing from seven available classes. Later, you can check out the many student organizations and journals NYU has. It will be quite a maze, so be sure to pick up a map and mark your spots at which to stop for treasure (figuratively or literally–more food and drink is to be had here). Following that is a panel of NYU Law alumni. Note here that the real deciding point in choosing a law school is determining which school is the best means-end fit for you. Everyone has different career ambitions (or you are coming to law school to kill time until you figure these out). Keep your eye on the prize, and think about which school will lead you there.

I wasn't joking about the food.

Friday morning you start the day off with breakfast and a chance to meet Dean Ricky. As a special treat for those of you who saved your visit to NYU Law as the best for last, you will get to meet the law school’s soon-to-be new dean, Trevor Morrison.  The rest of the morning is filled with discussions of special fields of the law, including corporate law, academia, and international law. You also can find out about the many clinical programs offered, as well as the judicial clerkship process. In the afternoon, you get to interact more closely with our faculty over lunch and through mock classes. For those of you who are public interest-minded (insert applause here), you will have the opportunity to learn more about our loan repayment assistance program (LRAP), which is hands down one of the best offered in law schools across the nation. The last event of the ASD is the Taste of New York Reception, which gives you a nice overview of all the food on which you will subsist for the next three years. I promise this is a good thing, as I still walk a block or less from the Law School when hunting and gathering my dinner each night.

NYU violets

Many special happy hours follow ASD, sponsored by various student organizations. Again, take advantage of the opportunity to familiarize yourself with student culture and the neighborhood. For the real insider’s perspective, stop by Triona’s to visit the local drinking hole at which the “regulars” congregate.

Finally, be aware that this post just contains the highlights of ASD. Also note that you can make your visit the experience you want it to be. If you have specialized interests, seek out professors, students, or offices that can answer your questions. Don’t be shy. And don’t be afraid to make a few wrong turns and end up on an off-road expedition. As my friends who live in the “bubble” would say, the worst that can happen is that you end up in Brooklyn.*

How sweet indeed.

*I am a loyal Brooklynite.

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