At the end of October, I went out for a leisurely jog, anticipating it would be a nice study break. Well, it turned out to be a break–of my bone.
While out on my jog, my foot caught on a chain spanning a pathway as I tried to hop over it, and I slammed to the ground. The next day, I found out that I had broken part of my pelvic bone and would be getting surgery. The accident kept me in the hospital for five days, and I missed as many days of classes.
As concerned as I was for my health, I was also worried about the impact this would have on my work for the rest of the semester. The support and assistance of so many people at the law school, however, have made my recovery a lot easier. Law school friends took time out of their busy days to stay with me in the hospital. And the administration made it clear that I should focus on my recovery, first and foremost.
When I returned to classes, professors and students alike were willing to help me so I could get back into the swing of things with academics and law school activities- whether it was assisting me with my duties in student groups or offering to help me understand the academic work I missed.
I was using a walker and wheelchair at first, then moved to crutches. Because of my limited mobility, the law school housing staff helped me get in needed equipment and furniture so that I would be able to use the room more easily.
As challenging and surprising as this accident has been, I’m thankful to be in such a caring, supportive environment as I recover.
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