When most students hear SBA, one thing comes to mind: Bar Review. For those who don’t know, Bar Review is a weekly event where the SBA purchases drink tickets or procures drink specials for the students of NYU Law at bars and clubs around the area. These range from a courtyard keg party to an hour open bar co-hosted with Columbia Law School.

While it is true that the SBA hosts weekly bar reviews, they do a lot more than that. They are an elected body of government that works to help out all of the students here at NYU Law.

91x98xstudentbarassociationlogo.jpg.pagespeed.ic.vauJ5cEoUdThere are 24 officers of the SBA. These positions include a seven-person Executive Board consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Student Senator, and two Social Chairs. The other 17 officers are all representatives elected by their respective classes. There are four 3L Representatives, four 2L Representatives, five 1L Representatives, three LLM Representatives, and one transfer Representative.

These 24 officers convene weekly to discuss issues that are pertinent to the student body here at NYU. They also meet a few times a semester with Dean Morrison and other administrators to present some of these issues to the school.

The meetings are open to the general Law School community, and the minutes of these meetings are posted online. Some of the topics discussed include approval of new student groups and funding for existing groups. While some of the groups approved this year, such as the Jurisprudence and Philosophy Group and the Law and Religion Society, are about serious subjects, the SBA also approves more lighthearted, socially inspired groups such as Law Students of Catan.

The SBA really cares about the well-being of the student body at NYU Law, and they know times can be tough around finals. That is why they paired up with the Good Dog Foundation and Student Affairs to host Doggy Days. As someone who went to the first one two weeks ago, I know there is nothing better than getting out of the library and playing with a dog after missing yours back home all semester. There will be a second visit this week, and I’m definitely looking forward to it.

While just playing with dogs would be enough, the SBA also is hosting two study breaks the last week of classes where students can get free hot dogs and free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. SBA knows how difficult these last few days can be and is working hard to make it just a little bit better for the students.

A final thing that SBA does to help students is maintaining an outline bank. They accept student outlines from any law class, and post these outlines for future classes to use. These can be very useful when working on your own outline, to clarify any missing facts or a professor’s specific way of phrasing something that you may have missed.

So remember, as the end of the semester draws near, to take advantage of the perks the SBA is offering. Best of luck on your finals!

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